Eastgate Shopping Centre

Eastgate Shopping Centre is open until 5:00pm

Automatic entry for Blue badge holders

If you have registered your Blue Badge for a parking permit on entry and exit of the car park your registration number will recognised by our Automatic Number Plate Recognition system and the barrier will open.

If the barrier does not open hold your Blue Badge permit chip against the 'Subscriber' icon on the entrance or exit terminal to raise the barrier for the car park.

You'll need to place the corner of your disabled badge (where your tag is attached) flat against this icon, this should lift the barrier.

Access to this Car Park is via Eastgate shopping centre which is locked at 6pm Mon-Sat and 5pm Sunday.

Note: Your chip and registration will expire the same date as your Blue Badge. A new application will need to be made on expiry of your Blue Badge.

Register for a Blue Badge car park permit

Opening Hours

7 days a week (including Bank Holidays)

NOTE: Limited pedestrian access after 7pm -  via vehicle ramps only.

Charging Hours 7am - 5pm Mon to Sun (including Bank Holidays)
Surface Spaces 380 (20 disabled spaces / 18 parent and child spaces)
Operation Method Pay on foot, disabled badge holders can pre-register for 3 hours free parking. If parking for longer you must make full payment.
Additional Information

Park here for:

Car Park Charges

Up to 1 hour -   £1.40
Up to 2 hours - £2.50
Up to 3 hours - £3.80
Up to 4 hours - £4.80
All day - £8.00
Sunday Up to 1 hour - £2.50
Sunday All Day - £4.00

Payment Options - Cash, Card or Apple Pay

Electrical charging points are available. Pay and display must be purchased to use these charging bays.