Tenancy strategy

Gloucester City Council has approved a Tenancy Strategy for Gloucester. This strategy explains the local authority's position in the relation to the use of flexible tenancies. This page also contains a link to the People Impact Assessment.

Tenancy Strategy
Tenancy Strategy Summary
People Impact Assessment

This strategy should influence the Tenancy Policies of the Registered Providers operating in Gloucester. Links to the Tenancy Policies of those Registered Providers who have produced them are listed below.

Anchor Position Statement on Tenure
Cottsway Tenure Policy
Elim Tenure Policy
GreenSquare Tenancy Policy​​
Guinness Partnership Affordable Rent Tenancy Policy
Home Group Tenure Policy
Housing 21 Allocations Policy
Places for People Tenancy Strategy
Riverside Tenancy Policy
Rooftop Rent Policy
Severn Vale Allocations Policy
Two Rivers Affordable Rent Tenancy Policy
Western Challenge Tenancy Policy