Gloucester Parks and Gardens

Habitat improvements

Located within the Matson and Robinswood, Hucclecote and Elmbridge Wards

Several key locations have been identified in this area for habitat and bio-diversity improvements.

At King George V Playing Fields we are proposing to plant a number of native tree in addition to creating several swales on the edge of the park to increase bio-diversity and reduce flood risk.  The spoil removed for the swales will be used to create butterfly banks which will provide habitat for other pollinators.

The proposals for Armscroft Park, through which the Wotton Brook flows, include extending the existing buffer along the watercourse by creating a two-stage channel and replacing areas of amenity grass with wildflower meadow to provide a more diverse habitat.

Estcourt Road Gardens features the Wotton Brook.  We intend to review the existing gardens and introduce plants that are considered to be beneficial to pollinators and invertebrates.   This will enhance the blue-green corridor with the University of Gloucestershire works, downstream as part of the overall Urban Greening project.

ERDF UGs12 Gloucester Parks & Gardens


October 2021

Both King George V POS (planting plan) and Armscroft Park (planting plan) are currently being prepared  for wildflower seeding,

In order to allow the wildflower seed to make contact with the earth and germinate it has been necessary to cultivate the soil and create bare ground. The bare soil may persist for a number of months, but will gradually ‘green-up’ as the seeds begin to germinate.

Next year at these sites there should be an attractive display of cornfield annual flowers including poppies, corncockles and cornflowers. These will act as a ‘nurse crop’, protecting the slower to establish, more subtle, perennial wildflowers. Over time, the perennial wildflowers should become increasingly diverse with species such as ox eye daisy, hawkbit and wild carrot, providing essential habitat for pollinators and other wildlife.

Works on the seeding are planned to be completed by November.

Native daffodil bulbs will be planted this autumn, and tree planting will be carried out over the winter.

December 2019

Design work for this location is currently underway.  When ready, details will be posted here.